Friday, 23 June 2017

DOVE - Golf club headcover

DOVE - Golf club headcover ,

Love working on one-of-a-kind Golf headcovers and this project for Custom made headcover was just great opportunity to create something unique 

My customer asked for realistic version of  a Dove with a little green olive branch in the mouth 

The headcover is designed  to fit a driver and if it was a pigeon it could be a bit larger but doves are much more elegant so in order to keep it in realistic size was impossible to make the design in  different way but to sit on the top of the cover 

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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Obby - earthy creature - hand puppet

 This is Obby , he is a puppet created on the base of an existing illustration , Obby will be helping a therapist to communicate with their younger patients.

Children listen to puppets and communicate with them in lots of ways . Its well known that children can have conversations with puppets that they won't have with anyone else 


My customer required a visualisation of an illustration and the brief was clear - as close to the drawing of Obby as possible . 


...a bit of My working progress , I love making tiny toes , creating the face was a bit of a challenge... 


To bring Obby to life I have used soft fabrics and materials and greatly enjoyed the making of all the little details and charms , following closely the illustration

Obby is an earthy creature ,a mischievous free spirit, with his heart in the right place 

Obby's head is moving by hand and his arms can be operated with little rings on the back of his hands

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Lady golfer - custom Golf headcover

This is one of my very few Lady golfer - custom portrait Golf headcover  

My beautiful model was very pleased with the outcome and had sent me few pictures of the Custom Golf headcover in her Golf BAG 

When a model is with long hair I am never sure how to deal with the design  ,  as the temptation to use a "wig like " fibres is clashing with the practicality and the main purpose of a Golf headcover 
so in this portrait after trying different options I have used a sturdy fabric to make the hair 

There were a lot of details : a hat ,sunglasses and logos to be accommodated  into the design 

Usually  in my headcovers I do put the  focal point  either on the eyes or the smile however my customer had amazing eyes and a beautiful smile so with this difficult choice to make , I did  represented the eyes and the smile  equally in this design 

If you like to order a Unique and one -of -a-kind golf HEADCOVER  contact me via my website  or My ETSY shop 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Irish Leprechaun - Custom golf headcover

I had a very interesting commision - Irish Leprechaun - Custom golf headcover 

A custom made unique golf headcover makes the  perfect golf gift for someone special !!!!!

If you like a design created especially for you or you need  a visualisation of your idea please contact me via my website

Friday, 12 May 2017

Havanese Dog portrait - custom GOLF headcover

Havanese Dog portrait- custom golf headcover is my latest project 

While I've researched for reference pictures of this breed I found out that - The Havanese, a breed of Bichon type, is the national dog of Cuba,oh these dogs are so beautiful 

All began with a ball of white fur and slowly started to take shape ,

Both , my lovely customer and I loved the final result for more Custom made golf headcovers please check my website  or my ETSY shop 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Red Tailed HAWK - custom golf headcover

              Red Tailed HAWK - custom golf headcover 

Loved the whole creative process for this Custom golf headcover enjoyed making  my version of Red tailed hawk

If you have an idea for Golf headcover that needs visualisation i would love to assist ,contact me at my website  or ETSY SHOP 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Burrito - Golf headcover -custom made

Burrito-Golf headcover -custom made,It's one of my most unusual Custom orders and I loved the whole creative process from the sketch to the finishing touches. 

It was a bit of a trouble deciding , how to make the rice and actually was my lovely customer that came with the perfect solution, She said : " I am not very creative ... but what about those new microfibre cleaning brushes  "...

Preparations: I had all my ingredients freshly CUT ;)

... and I 've started the " cooking " 

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