Wednesday 30 March 2022

Mermaid- Golf head cover

I am Making Mermaid Golf headcover ,

when unique and unusual GOLF headcovers are requested ,

its  my favorite time at work 

My lovely customer, ordered two identical Mermaids with elements of her facial features for two different Golf bags ,

however in the design prosses the main idea evolved into different  colorways for each body 

...making the tiny fingers for these Golf headcovers 

It's so, so difficult, to choose one colour only of these lovely fabrics so , My customer selected different colors for the both tails  


Work in progress ...

At the finishing touches of the Mermaid Golf head covers 

If you are looking for one-of -a-king Golf gift , a custom made Golf headcover is the perfect solution 

To place an order and discuss design options,
please contact me via my ETSY SHOP or

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Husky- custom GOLF headcover

 Siberian husky  Custom made GOLF HEAD COVER for a Driver 

The Dog portrait golf headcover is the perfect and very unique gift for 
a DOG loving GOLFER 

My  process starts with a sketch for my customer to approve  ,
 then the fabrics are sourced  and ordered 

To order one of a kind Golf headcover, please contact me with your pictures via my ETSY SHOP  of website

Saturday 13 November 2021

German Shepperd GOLF HEADCOVER

Custom made Golf head cover  in the likeness of a gorgeous Black German Shepperd 

Thank you to my lovely customer for sending this fab picture of 

the MODEL and the HEADCOVER 

The best gift for dog-loving GOLFERS 

If you like to order a custom headcover of your beloved pet or a person caricature just contact me with the pictures of the model via my website or ETSY shop 

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Golf head cover - CKCS

Custom made golf head cover in the likeness of  an adorable  CKCS

To order a custom golf head cover of your Dog , please contact me via my ETSY shop or via my website

Sunday 4 July 2021

Custom made golf headcover -Husky

 My latest project was A lovely husky Dog portrait GOLF head cover  . 

This husky's coloring was so delicate and  to resemble the features I was quite careful when applying the grays and black 


...and already in the customer golf bag ... 

I am so grateful  when my customer care to send me these pictures of my creations in action 

To order a portrait Golf headcover of your PET ,

please contact me  via MY ETSY SHOP or

 my website

Thursday 1 July 2021

Unique golf gifts

The most unique and unusual golf gifts that I have made recently 

These golf head covers brought some extra fun  on the golf course according to my customers  

I must admit, really enjoyed working on all of these unique projects   they are head covers that fit over sized drivers 

To order one-of-a-kind GOLF GIFT, please contact me with your ideas and requirements via my WEBSITE or


Sunday 27 June 2021

Custom GOLF headcover Hatching egg

One of-a-kind GOLF GIFT - Hatching EGG -

Custom made golf head cover 

Really enjoyed working on this project , 

the headcover is based on the customer's cute logo of a Hatching egg 

...making these cute  little Legs ...

I Could not wait to see how The headcover will turn out 

My lovely  customer loved ,
how I have resembled their illustration and turned it into a 3 dimensional object  

It's Hatching ...Custom made Golf headcover 


If you like your Company logo or a specific character,

turned into a GOLF HEAD COVER please contact me with you pictures and requirements via my website or ETSY shop