Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Custom GOLF headcovers - French Bulldogs

Dog Portrait Golf covers are the perfect gift for Dog loving golfers and I really enjoy working on such projects .
I must admit  the French  Bulldogs are  my very favorite 

The Both  Models were so gorgeous and  I  was thrilled ,  when  this lovely picture and a great capture of happy vibes ,arrived 
( a big Thank you !!! to my customer ) 

  the headcovers and the beautiful real models ready for action 

These  two portrait Golf headcovers were  made to order for a  Christmas gift .

My  customer's request , was for a Driver headcover  of the White & Tan French bulldog and a smaller headcover for a 3 Wood of the Grey brindle , so I have  tweaked and adjusted  my regular  design  , to make a smaller headcover .

The making  process always  starts with a sketch  ... for my customers to approve 

White & Tan French bulldog GOLF  head cover for a driver 

French bulldog  Portrait  Golf headcover for a 3 wood 

If you like to order one-of-a-kind golf gift , a portrait Dog headcover just contact me via my website

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Custom GOLF head cover - based on your LOGO

Usually it's a challenge to create  Custom  GOLF head cover - based on your LOGO or illustration but this Scottish Thistle Man was a pleasure to make 

Making an existing 2 D image of a logo or an illustration , into 3  dimensional object its a bit tricky , My customer's Logo was a great drawing  of a Scottish Thistle very cute and detailed .

To make a Golf headcover  appling completely different media where such details can not be used to resemble the image its not easy .

 I did try to keep as close as possible to the original image  

For this Custom made Golf Headcover  of a Scottish Thistle Man I had to  experiment with the hair using different materials ,however  this long pile craft fur seems to the the right one 

If you like to have a custom ,one-of-a-kind GOLF headcover made of  you company logo 
please contact me to discuss your ideas- via my website; or   my ETSY SHOP 

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Custom golf headcover - UGLY ANGEL

I have made This Custom Golf Headcover

an " Ugly Angel " is a visualisation based on a logo provided by a customer 

My customer was quite happy with the outcome and left a lovely review in my ETSY SHOP 

" The finished product was by far better than my expectations. The quality is amazing, and the details are fantastic. The process was great- all details were drawn and discussed before final production began. She is extremely talented and I highly recommend.  "

If you like an emblem or a logo to be made into a Custom golf headcover just contact me via my website 

Wednesday, 27 November 2019


My latest Golf CAT is either 
Cornish REX or DEVON REX

The live model is amazing and very beautiful creature with large and delicate ears however , I am still not sure what is the exact breed 

It was a very inspirational proses to portray and make this Golf Cat headcover 

If you are a cat loving golfer and want to have a custom portrait golf club cover of your beloved Golf CAT ,

please contact me for details and a quote  it is very easy to order , 
just start with sending good quality pictures of your Cat

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Emoji Golf HEADCOVER - Bird

This is  my first Emoji Golf HEADCOVER - its the Bird emoji 


The fabrics are mix of plush greys , probably the original Bird Emoji  colour is  slightly more blue grey for the body ,however  my  customer preferred  this lovely soft to touch but very sturdy in the same time plush .

My lovely customer sent me a picture of the bird Emoji HEADCOVER in her home ready for a surprise ( the picture bellow ) 

I did enjoy the making and the lovely review left in my ETSY  shop 

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Custom made golf headcover - Lady golfer caricature 

I have made this Golf headcover as a surprise  birthday gift 

Custom made caricature Golf headcover -It's fun and unique idea for the golfer in your life

if your like to order one-of-a-kind golf gift just contact me on it very easy to order !!!  

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Golf club headcover - Halloween pumpkin

My very new design - Golf club headcover - Halloween pumpkin ,

       Let's  Trick or TEEing 

Can be Personalised  with your own Golf  Slogan -  not too long please ,just select your own instead the standard "HOLE-IN-ONE" or "Let's -PAR-TEE"
check it out at my ETSY SHOP

Golf club Halloween pumpkin 

The Halloween Pumpkin Golf headcover is
Perfect to take some extra fun to the GOLF course during Halloween parties 

I do enjoy making fun and unusual golf headcovers,

 for orders please contact me via my ETSY SHOP or via my website