Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Custom GOLF head cover - based on your LOGO

Usually it's a challenge to create  Custom  GOLF head cover - based on your LOGO or illustration but this Scottish Thistle Man was a pleasure to make 

Making an existing 2 D image of a logo or an illustration , into 3  dimensional object its a bit tricky , My customer's Logo was a great drawing  of a Scottish Thistle very cute and detailed .

To make a Golf headcover  appling completely different media where such details can not be used to resemble the image its not easy .

 I did try to keep as close as possible to the original image  

For this Custom made Golf Headcover  of a Scottish Thistle Man I had to  experiment with the hair using different materials ,however  this long pile craft fur seems to the the right one 

If you like to have a custom ,one-of-a-kind GOLF headcover made of  you company logo 
please contact me to discuss your ideas- via my website;
 www.golf-headcovers.com or   my ETSY SHOP 

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