Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Jack Russel golf headcover

My latest  model is  a Cute Jack Russel 

all white with adorable patch on one of the eyes .

 I have made the Golf head cover in the likeness of the model to fit an over-sized driver 

 Really enjoyed portraying such a cute dog 

To order a Golf headcover of your PET or a GOLF GIFT for a DOG /CAT  loving GOLFER please contact me via my website ; or my  ETSY SHOP 

Monday, 17 May 2021

Golf Dog head cover

My latest GOLF DOG Custom made Golf headcover for a driver 

 My lovely customer just sent me this great picture of the model and the headcover  along with a fab review

“ Andreana’s work is AMAZING! I couldn’t believe how a simple sketch came to life in such a short amount of time!
My fiancĂ© is an avid golfer and has a generic dog head for a Rottie who is no longer with us. For our pup, Jack, he’s a mixed breed and doesn’t look generic at all. It came out so great and my fiancĂ© loves it. Shipping was pretty quick, as well, from the UK to the US. Also, Andreana’s communication is top notch! “ in progress 

To order one of a kind GOLF GIFT for DOG  Loving Golfers just contact me via my website  or ETSY SHOP 

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Custom Golf Headcover Schnauzer

 Custom made GOLF headcover in the likeness of Black Schnauzer     

The live model was very inspirational and the headcover turn out quite well .

My customer send me this lovely "WHO is WHO " picture 

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Wednesday, 24 March 2021


 Golf head cover - caricature -full body 

 MINI Me -GOLF headcover is the most PERSONALIZED GOLF Gift for the Golfer in your life

The full body caricature Golf headcover ,offers much more details of the Golfer's personality , like his favorite Golf accessories and attire ,so that makes if a great gift for a special occasion

In the client's brief for this Golf caricature requirements were to include; a karaoke  mic , the converse all star shoes and a watch 

In my design the elastic is behind the body so the space for the drivers head is not restricted 

Preparing all the elements of the body to be assembled 

Was a pleasure  working on this project ,

 for custom Golf headcover order please CONTACT ME

 via my website or MY ETSY SHOP

Saturday, 6 March 2021

Penfold - Custom golf headcover

 Penfold - Custom golf headcover 

...working on the little tie 

If you like  your favorite character to be made into a GOLF headcover ,

please contact me via my ETSY SHOP or my website

Sunday, 14 February 2021

GOLF CAT -custom made golf headcover

My latest GOLF CAT headcover is a portrait of a Blue flame point cat with amazing blue eyes 

    Cat portrait made into a Golf headcover is a great GIFT idea for  CAT          loving GOLFERS


    ... Some of the  work in progress


 If you like to order a custom made headcover portrait of a cat just contact me via my Website or ETSY shop and send me good quality pictures of your CAT 

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Vulture GOLF head cover

NOVELTY GOLF HEADCOVER -Vulture - bird of prey 

Really enjoyed Creating this Bird of prey  GOLF HEADCOVER 

...working on the feet with talons ...

The Vulture Golf Headcover is one of my standard designs that are made to order - please check it out in my ETSY SHOP