Sunday 25 January 2015

Portrait puppet

Portrait puppet , for a birthday gift
To work from the random pictures provided by the customer was not a easy task
but was a very challenging and exiting process

colouring the craft fur with acrylic paint for the hair

making a tatto

Friday 16 January 2015

Valentine's day gifts for him

Valentine's day gifts for him !!!! For this Valentine day i wanted to make lots of hearts for the boys have a look at my creations all listed in my ETSY shop
Just RED.... big heart its a suede cushion in bright red looks stylish and Luxury great idea for a valentine's day gift

My blue hearts could be pervect gift for HIM and a great keepsake or an addition to a bigger gift

Personalised it with HIS name on , to make it extra special -a name or Initial can be hand emroidered

and if you like shabby chic style this blue heart made from felt is one of my favorite creations
hope you would like my Valentine's day gift ideas for Him

Saturday 10 January 2015

Valentine LOVE Heart -Free Pattern

                 Make your own Valentine Heart Ornament from felt !!!

                           Felt is a lovely material for any kind of ornaments

What you need
Felt in red- 1 - A4 1 mm thick
Felt in cream -little bits for the letters L , V and E
Felt in dark red -little piece for the little heart
Embroidery threads in white and red
Machine thread in red and brown
Toy stuffing

Print out the template for free following this link to my "Craftsy" shop

Cut out 2 heart shapes in red
Cut out the letters shapes in cream felt
Cut out the little heart in dark red (burgundy )

And follow the instructions


On one of the large heart shapes embroider a heart shape
using white thread and running stitch. Start on the dip of the heart
Leave 15 cm of the thread free at the start and further 15 cm when you finish , to tie a bow


Lay the letters L O V E and pin in place slightly overlapping each other


Using brown thread overstitch the Letter V first
Using white thread run a blanket stitch around the burgundy heart
Using brown thread and running stitch sew the letter L in place
Using red thread overstitch letter E in place


Pin the heart shapes together


Using blanket stitch and red thread sew around the heart and leave 2-3 cm opening
at the top for stuffing


Lightly stuff the heart with the toy filling


Make a hanger from the red embroidery thread place it just inside the dip
and stitch the opening close

And there you have it your very own FELT Heart !!!

Select difrent colours for more original hearts like this blue one

Sewing kits are available at my ETSY shop with cut out pieses and step -by step instructions

If you like making ,Please have a look at my other patterns , I can offer lots of lovely Valentine day gifts , Easter D├ęcor and Christmas ideas , Fun Patterns for marionettes and PUPPETS visit my website

Thank you !!!!!!