Tuesday 21 February 2017

Cockapoo portrait - hand puppet

                                  TOTO - Cockapoo - Portrait Hand puppet -moving head and Paws for a show " Wizzard of OZ"

Guess  which one ... is the real cockapoo ????????

This is a very interesting project for a stage puppet ,where the movement of the puppet was not so important but to create a lookalike of a lovely Cockapoo that going to be on the stage and my puppet will be a "double " for certain scenes 

I was very lucky to be able to source , this gorgeous and so realistic looking craft fur , unfortunately was a left over, so no more available from this material and this puppet may be a unique and a "one - of -a -kind"

Both my customer and I were very pleased of the final outcome 

Wednesday 1 February 2017

Papillon portrait golf headcover

Its my first portrait Golf  headcover of Papillon .

I was wondering how  I am going to portray this  beautiful creature and most important how to make the butterfly like ears ,that are so significant for the Papillon dogs

An extra long pile ,craft fur is very difficult to find ,especially in the colours of my model,
so I did  a bit of styling at the end,to try to resemble the long , beautiful hair of my first  Custom made Papillon Dog Golf headcover 

I love to experiment and make different Dog breeds into headcovers to expand my list of products available for customization

If you like to order Custom golf headcover contact me at my www.golf-headcover.com or visit my ETSY SHOP 

For a Custom made Dog portrait headcover I will need good quality pictures of the model, from different points of view .