Sunday 22 November 2015

Unique GOLF GIFTS - Dog headcover

                         Unique GOLF GIFTS - Dog headcover

I had great opportunity to make this beautiful creature into a PORTRAIT GOLF CLUB COVER

and I really enjoyed the whole creative process  , well was easy to get inspired from such amazing eyes

This dog golf club cover was a part of a project for 3 Dog portraits commissioned as UNIQUE Golf gifts for a special occasion 

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Saturday 24 October 2015

An American mastiff -golf club cover

An American mastiff -golf club cover ,a custom order that I really enjoyed making

   My customer loved the final product , and she wrote a great review for this golf club cover 

I have made  the head shape from a polyester jersey 

                                                                  ... then I've started to apply colour on the "white canvass". Making this beautiful dog into a golf club cover was a real pleasure and I did it in one go 

A Portrait of their beloved dog made into Golf club cover is a great gift for a golfer for so many occasions

                     Much more examples of Dog Portrait Golf club covers are available in my ETSYshop and www,

Thank you for visiting my blog 

Sunday 4 October 2015

Halloween ideas

An adorable Felt trick-or-treat bag

Pumpkins are so cute ,perfect Halloween decor and so lovely as party bags as well

I was so happy that " Craftseller " magazine featured my little Pumpkin bag in their Halloween issue 

My Spider halloween bag is just so cool , great for a little boy's first trick -or-treat 

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Saturday 26 September 2015

Mad Hatter - Custom made golf headcover

Just finished few versions of Mad Hatter -

Custom made golf headcover ,

it was a very interesting project for me and I've enjoyed the designing and making  

The customer requirements were very clear :

The image should be inspired by the original illustrations of the character of Mad Hatter from "Alice in wonderland " not the orange haired Johnny Depp version

The first headcover was approved and my customer send me a picture of the golf club cover "Mad Hatter" in his golf bag

  I was very happy to continue with with the rest of the commission 
I have made  same hats and bows for the all 3 headcovers to correspond with the initial idea

 more fun and quirky golfclub covers are available in my website and ETSY shop

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Golf-cat headcover

                                         My first Cat -portrait golf club cover 

              For the base of the  body I've selected polyester plush -jersey in light beige colour 

         And then kept painting on the jersey to reach the depth of the shades 

My Cat just needs some finishing touches

I,ve tried to make the eyeballs with more volume as in my Golf dog portraits  but then had lost the cat's eye shape and resorted to a flat eye

I hope my lovely customer to be happy with the final result 

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Saturday 22 August 2015

Golf club headcover - fun footballer

Custom made golf club headcover -full body

The fun footballer - golf club cover was a part of  a very interesting project - special gifts for golf buddies 

 the full body figure

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Sunday 12 July 2015

Custom made golf club headcover

Just received  this picture from a happy customer, she ordered the portrait golf club headcover as a special gift for her father and they really liked the resemblance 

I am very grateful for the comment left in my ETSY SHOP from this lovely customer

  •                                     Custom order 

    "Ordered this golf club cover as a birthday gift for my father, absolutely love it! Its the perfect resemblance of him! Andreana is so talented! Great seller, went above and beyond to get this to me in time for his birthday despite my ordering not far in advance. I will definitely recommend this shop to friends and will be back for sure. Thanks again Andreana for creating a special, one of a kind, fun gift! "

Monday 29 June 2015

Friday 26 June 2015

Wild animals puppets on ETSY's landing page

I got really lucky last week !!!!!!

My "Wild Animals " puppet set was on the KIDS landing page of  ETSY     for nearly a week and was  selected for " ETSY FINDS " of the day

Wow I must admit it was great ,I had lots of views and my ETSY shop and products were favorited a lot 

It makes such a big difference when people actually can see my product

so my little set of Hand puppets - Crocodile , Leopard and Parrot  was popular 

And some sales were generated 

Sunday 14 June 2015

Custom made -golf club head covers for Father's day

Was a busy time these last few weeks ,with lots of :

Custom made -golf club covers for Father's day , my portraits were popular

Here I am Just adding the finishing touches....
and then it is the waiting for approval from the customer... or if any corrections are needed  

My favorite part of the whole process is when I am  making the sketches and studying the pictures of the person in order to find the most characteristic points in their features

And then when the sketch is agreed  , the making commence...


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 ETSY SHOP The Custom made GOLF CLUB COVERS  are great gifts for golfers , unique and quirky with a personal touch ... 

This headcover - portrait was unusual with no sunglasses and no hat  ,so catching the eye expression was a bit of a challenge 

         Now The Golf club cover is done , approved by the customer and ready to be posted!!!

Friday 22 May 2015

Custom made Golf club cover -Cavalier King Charles spaniel

I just finished the loveliest commission ever
Custom made Golf club cover -Cavalier King Charles spaniel

The customer sent me lovely pictures of Sir Charles he even have a Facebook page
so i had lost of images to work from

this was the result and the customer love it just wanted less pink around the mouth , so it needed slight corrections
and this is the final version

i really enjoyed making this cute - Cavalier King Charles spaniel

available in my ETSY shop

and lots more custom made options in my website
Thank you

Thursday 7 May 2015

Portrait Golf Club covers - golf GIFTS

I am working on a few Portrait Golf club covers ,

just finished this one and its ready to be posted

It was a bit of an urgent order for a golf gift ,
now i am keeping my fingers crossed to reach the customer in time

I am busy with Custom orders, lots of portrait Golf club covers
They are great FUN GIFT for golfers, have a look at my ETSY shop

This golf club cover was a bit of a challenge as I never made full body doll as a golf headcover before
main problem was the position of the elastic
The full body Golf club cover is just listed in my ETSY shop

the customer left a lovely comment in my ETSY shop that made me very happy :

Custom made portrait Golf club head cover Full body -balance
⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
Wonderful Item, been looking forever for something like this. Andreana was very helpful and patient with me helping me to get exactly what i wanted "

Most of my customers looking for something quirky and unusual

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