Sunday 21 February 2016

Maltese Yorkie mix -golf club headcover

Making the 2 beautiful Maltese Yorkie mix dogs into Portrait golf club headcovers was a privilege . The models were , so so cute and I was not sure if I am going to be able to resemble this cuteness in my final product 

The Maltese Yorkie mix,  is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese and their  fur could be in various different shades . My first model was with more tan colours and the other one with more silvery hues.

 I worked with camel frost Craft fur for both and tried to achieve their specific fur shades with adding some colour where needed 

 I was very happy ,when the customer approved the final version of the 

 2 Portrait golf club headcovers 

The option for Portrait golf cub cover of  Maltese Yorkie mix dogs- is just listed in my ETSY SHOP and  

 I would love to make any other Dog breed into portrait golf headcover 

Thursday 11 February 2016

French Bulldog - Custom portrait GOLF headcover

French Bulldog - Custom portrait GOLF headcover ,one of my most viewed products on ETSY 

This attractive  headcover was a challenging commission .

Fabrics in that specific fawn colour and suitable texture were not available ,so I used iDYE Poly to achieve the colour and  the result was very good

French bulldogs are such a fascinating creatures , can not wait to try and make a Brindle version  

Thank you for visiting my blog !!!!

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Poodle -Custom Golf headcover

                                 A Big Grey Poodle - Custom made Golf club cover

Perfect gift for a Dog loving GOLFERS 

It was a pleasure to make this monochrome headcover .

 I had this fabulous fabric for ages  -Its  Grey " poodle ears " like Fur ,

that waited for the right DOG  model as the fabric was available in Grey only,

 so I needed commission of Grey Poodle ...

I have used few different shades of Grey , not fifty though 

Really love to work  with my new "Copic" markers on the finishing touches 

This is the finished golf club cover 

Ready to be listed in my  ETSY SHOP  and in

Thank you for visiting my blog I love recording the working process and share the new models