Wednesday 29 October 2014

Santa ,Robin and penguin Christmas ornaments

Santa and Robin and Penguin are the characters that came first when I thinking of what represents Christmas best for me

that is why I've designed these 3 Christmas ornaments and developed them into an easy to follow sewing pattern
Felt is the best when it comes to handmade Christmas ornaments!!!!
For all of the 3 ornaments i have used 1 template for the body shape , so it is like 3 -in- 1 and the rest of the elements support each character
it is fun and easy to make

as Christmas is all about little treats all of the 3 ornamets have a little pocket where some chocolate or real coin could be placed :)

and then make it personal on all of the pockets a name or an initial could be hand embroidered

Enjoy making your own Christmas Decor

perfect for wall hanging or if you think of making some fancy advent calendar those could be a perfect addition

Saturday 25 October 2014

Tea cosy -Duck shape for afternoon tea

As a Tea lover everything around the TEA is very interesting for me i love all these cups and tea pots and little tea towels
Recently a visit to the fabric shops with all the pale pinks and greens inspired me to make this lovely duck TEA cosy

it is great for English Afternoon tea party
The Sleeping duck tea cosy is lined with a white fabric and polyester wadding to keep your tea hot.
The cosy is designed to fit a six cup sized tea pot and measures:

H 25cm ( 10 " )
L 30 cm( 12")

I wanted to create a colour scheme using pale colours and patterned cottons so experimented with different combinations -Material :Poly cotton and Cotton, lining

but it seems that this worked perfect

There is nothing better than a cup of tea xxx

Wednesday 22 October 2014

DIY Christmas Felt ornaments -3 Snowmen

To make your own Christmas decoration is so rewarding
I have created this lovely pattern to share How to make Felt Christmas Ornaments

3 Happy snowmen

my listing in the ETSY shop ;

All of the Snomen have a tiny little heart pocket for real or chocolate coins :)
and could be personalised with a Initial on the heart

The colours could be mixed and matched as well

the Snowmen are 25 cm approx. and are great for wall decor or for the christmas tree

Could be part of a fancy advent calendar and are perfect to make your Christmas extra special

Enjoy making this Christmas !!!!!

Lots more patterns aveilable at