Thursday 13 December 2012

Custom made Christmas Stocking

Recently Friend asked me to make Christmas Stocking for her lovely 2 year old Girl

and i enjoyed so much,its very nice to make something more special and hope that Kristina would like it

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Saturday 24 November 2012


I have been designed the Colour me in Puppet sets to be attractive for girls and boys of school age as most of my creations are for babies and toddlers I wanted to make a product that could be interesting for a bit older children and to be a multifunctional one

COLOUR INPLAY and CREATE StoriesWASH IT OUTand ...................Start all over again 

I wonder about the retail presentation i wanted something transparent but in same time to compliment the lovely natural look of the Soft White 100 % Cotton Jersey that is my main material,
so friend suggested to try boxes and i loved it but it took a bit of time though ........
to make the box after receiving everything flat pack these days

                        Finally a got my new product Colour me in Puppet Sets completed

and I am very happy with the result

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Wednesday 3 October 2012

Baby's First Christmas Stoking

When I looked at my Christmassy fabrics this October
I felt inspired  to create something especially for babies First Christmas, probably because a close friend just gave birth

Baby’s first Christmas it’s a very special celebration

I still remember my little son’s first Christmas four years ago and my joy making a tiny Christmas hat for him from cotton because it’s so difficult to find one in the shops without any fluff and little decoration for his nursery
For this collection I wanted to use only cotton fabrics and natural materials no fluff, I  thought that if I use lost of white cotton jersey as a base will be very appropriate for baby’s nursery  
The sleepy Bunny was inspired from all my pink fabrics ,
pink is not a traditional Christmassy colour  though but it is the best for a Baby Girl   
 These Stockings are my new Christmas product and I could not wait to create some more designs 
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Monday 18 June 2012

Little owl –hand puppet

I started to design a little owl –hand puppet
The brief was very simple:

© Cute

© Funny

To create an owl to look cute and funny was not easy task at all, especially when I looked at those images

So inspired by the nature I have chosen fabrics with more natural patterns .Although to achieve “cute & funny “creations will be much more difficult but I loved these materials, so decided to experiment with those first

By definition in toy making, to create a cute toy one needs a big head and big ,big eyes and a small mouth ……….at least two points checked   

The eyes are big and the beak is tiny is it cute maybe but not funny? I should try other colour schemes as well . xxx

Thursday 10 May 2012

The fairies should live in places like this fantastic tree
I have looked for inspiration at some colourful pictures ,the inspiration is needed to help me to design a "Tooth Fairy" puppet ,it should be something very girlish ,lots of pink probably and I'll go for a monochrome colour scheme

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Nursery Rhymes in a bag

A unique handmade collection of hand puppet sets designed to stimulate children’s imagination and amuse them while developing communication skills and encouraging interaction and story telling