Saturday 29 October 2016

Rottweiler portrait -Custom Golf headcover

Rottweiler portrait -Custom Golf headcover.  

This is my second Rottweiler portrait golf headcover .

My model was so regal and his eyes were amazing - eyes of a loving friend , much different from what we usually expect from this breed ,as nowadays  Rottweilers do suffer from bad press 

My lovely customer provided me with these fab pictures of my creation , the Custom made head cover immediately taking place in his Golf bag 

I did enjoyed working on this challenging commission and I loved the final result as well as my customer .

I was lucky to find the perfect fabric that looks great for dogs like this , a very short pile cuddle-soft plush/minky a bit temperamental to work with but really nice and natural looking result 

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Friday 14 October 2016

Golf dog - Schnauzer portrait headcover

    My first Schnauzer portrait golf headcover 

                                                ...adding some finishing touches 

I love Schnauzers but till very recent did not have opportunity to portray one , and my model is gorgeous  white / grey ...

to resemble the combination of short and long fur was a bit of a challenge 

Loved the final result and my customer approved it immediately 

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Sunday 2 October 2016

Cat -portrait Custom golf headcover

Lovely orange and black Cat , I loved working on this Pet portrait golf headcover for an oversized driver 

It is  a birthday gift  ordered by  a lovely customer for her husband , she found me via my ETSY shop that seems to be more popular among my American customers 


I have dyed the main material with orange, thanks to  iDye-Polly  and loved the result 

I love making Cat portraits headcovers , they are not one of my       regular commissions , very rarely i got Cat  orders but  then I do enjoy the whole process from the initial sketch to the finishing touches 

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