Wednesday 27 November 2019


My latest Golf CAT is either 
Cornish REX or DEVON REX

The live model is amazing and very beautiful creature with large and delicate ears however , I am still not sure what is the exact breed 

It was a very inspirational proses to portray and make this Golf Cat headcover 

If you are a cat loving golfer and want to have a custom portrait golf club cover of your beloved Golf CAT ,

please contact me for details and a quote  it is very easy to order , 
just start with sending good quality pictures of your Cat

Sunday 10 November 2019

Emoji Golf HEADCOVER - Bird

This is  my first Emoji Golf HEADCOVER - its the Bird emoji 


The fabrics are mix of plush greys , probably the original Bird Emoji  colour is  slightly more blue grey for the body ,however  my  customer preferred  this lovely soft to touch but very sturdy in the same time plush .

My lovely customer sent me a picture of the bird Emoji HEADCOVER in her home ready for a surprise ( the picture bellow ) 

I did enjoy the making and the lovely review left in my ETSY  shop