Wednesday 30 April 2014

How to Make Crocodile -pattern and instructions

How to Make Crocodile -pattern and step by step instructions is my latest project

My crocodiles were very popular especially at shows so i thought to make a pattern and tutorial
"Make your own CROC"

Available in my Craftsy Pattern shop and
I just listed the pattern in my ETSY shop and hope a lot of people to enjoy making Crocodile as a mouth operated Hand PUPPET is very good for creating stories and perfect for Action songs

Monday 28 April 2014

Blue monster -pro puppet

For this puppet the gorgeous Turquoise blue material was a proper inspiration

the costumer request were :Friendly Monster -sleeve, mouth operated PRO- PUPPET
this is the working progress:

was great fun making the blue Monster just a bit too much fluff ,every single cut in the material was followed by few vacuum cleaning actions

Thursday 3 April 2014

DIY Egg Hunt Baskets

Easter is coming with lots of spring flowers and warmer weather
Do you think about Egg hunt parties , Easter bunnies and Easter Baskets.
For a long time i wanted to create some Egg hunt baskets to enjoy making with the kids and friends , but i was straggling to create something simple and effective and then ,finally the inspiration came.

 I have made this sleepy dick first and developed the pattern,


they are very colorful and cheerful together perfect for E
aster EGG HUNT . They are small in size 15 cm x 18 cm but a lot of chocolate eggs can be collected in

It is very easy to make these two.
Perfect project for Easter holidays for crafty adults or supervised children 9+

The pattern and step by step instructions are available in my ETSY shop for instant download