Tuesday 27 November 2018

Peacock - GOLF headcover

Making a  Peacock  into a golf headcover was a challenge .I have created this Custom made golf headcover combining realistic and abstract elements .

        The  different types of fabrics show off the bright colours 

 I do  enjoy working on unusual and challenging golf headcovers 

To order your own unique Golf HEADCOVER contact me via my website            www.golf-headcovers.com

Friday 19 October 2018

Meerkat Golf headcover

       Meerkats are fascinating animals . I was trying to create a realistic design  of a meerkat and make  it  into a Golf headcover

I was quite lucky to source a craft fur that was mix of sandy colours quite close to the original colour of a meerkat 

If you are after, a unique and unusual golf club headcover designed especially for you contact me  via my website


Tuesday 25 September 2018

Custom golf headcover -Lab RAT


I' ve  been asked to customise one of my standard design and make it in white fur as a White Lab RAT with RED eyes 

The colour of the eyes was a bit alarming but i am quite pleased with the outcome 

... and the working process 
Hiding in the  box , Ready to go 

More custom and personalised Golf Headcover options available ,
 please check out my www.golf-headcovers.com

Friday 29 June 2018

GOLF Cat - chocolate point siamese

This is my first  - chocolate point siamese GOLF Cat Headcover  

It took few corrections,suggested by the customer until I got the nose right ,well it definitely worth it .GOLF CAT Headcover-This chocolate point siamese cat is one of my favorite commissions so far     

If you are Cat loving golfer -order a portrait golf headcover of your CAT , just send me some good pictures to get the process started . More info available in my website and my ETSY shop 

DIY a Doggy marionette

DIY a Doggy marionette !!!!!!
It is very easy to make marionette ( puppet on string ) a project that offers lots of fun not only to make it but to play with after 

The pattern is available as a digital file  on ETSY and as a booklet in my website www.puppetinabag.co.uk 

What you need it's just some old yarn ,
 few felt straps , fishing line and little wooden stick 

The pattern contains templates , step- by -step
 instructions and pictures

TIP; the most important point at the finishing touches is to attach  the strings of the  head and the body correctly 

This lovely pattern is listed in my ETSY SHOP ; 

                              or at www.puppetsinabag.co.uk 

                                Have fun making and playing !!!!!

Saturday 9 June 2018


                             This is my First CAVAPOO - Golf headcover 

The making was a bit challenging, mainly because the craft furs that I am using are very limited in variety .
After series of experiments and customising the fabrics with different dyes and treatments 
the result was; a material  pretty close in colour and texture to the original Cavapoo hair 

This project was a pleasure to work on. 
If you are interested to comision a Dog or Pet portrait made into a golf headcover please contact me with your design ideas and pictures , the order process is very easy.

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Friday 25 May 2018

T-REX Golf club headcover

Making another T-REX Golf club headcover this time using slightly different materials 

Lots of teeth and just very small hands ....

If you like to order a T-REX for your driver check out my ETSY shop 

Monday 30 April 2018

OES - Old English sheepdog -Golf Headcover

                            OES - Old English sheepdog -Golf Headcover 

Its Headcover for an oversized driver - Lots of WHITE HAIR, my model is  big and blue eyed 

I love making the eyes to stand out 

Some people ask me if i can use plastic or glass eyes and I don't think that they will benefit my designs , the eyes are the most characteristic feature and I do like to draw them and make them as much expressive as possible 

If you like to order GOLF head cover made especially for you please contact me via my website www.golf-headcovers.com  or My ETSY shop with your pictures and ideas . Its very easy to order 

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Havanese -golf dog

This Havanese was a real cutie - I have made the Dog portrait headcover using lots of different textures to resemble more fully the model 

Saturday 3 March 2018

Silver Beagle -custom made headcover

Silver Beagle -custom made headcover

Beagles are so beautiful but difficult to portray , this is my latest Custom dog portrait headcover he is a Silver beagle with very interesting colours

If you like to order a portrait of your dog made into golf headcover please contact me via my website www.golf-headcovers.com or my ETSY shop    

Wednesday 21 February 2018

Custom made golf headcover - Mini Schnauzer

Custom made golf headcover - Mini Schnauzer 
I have used different textures and few shades of grey colours to create this Pet portrait GOLF headcover

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Friday 26 January 2018

CUSTOM GOLF headcover - Bearded Collie


CUSTOM GOLF headcover - Bearded Collie 

Had a great opportunity to portray such a beautiful Dog 

Monday 22 January 2018

Beagle Golf-headcover


Beagle Golf-headcover 
Just completed , my latest Custom made Golf headcover - its a       portrait of a  cute little beagle 

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