Friday 27 December 2013

Elf- Custom Order Christmas stosking

This Elf with gigantic hat was a very last minute order ,from a friend that give me permit to be more Creative.
The Elf is around 70 cm tall with little bell at the end of the hat

the brief was simple:))) :We need something nice for 7 year old boy
and i have made this Elf with big hat and lovely little fingers to hold the good size stocking

on the Cuff of the Stocking The name was embroidered to make it even more personal
And the Machine embroidered Merry Christmas could be My first Christmas as well its listed in my etsy shop

Sunday 22 December 2013

At Covent garden in search of Christmas spirt

I love Covent Garden at Christmas time ,love to look at the shops and street shows and generally to enjoy the Christmas spirit

street shows

this little trip was very inspirational

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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Tooth fairy cushion-personalised

Personalised Tooth fairy cushion with a little pocket but good size for a large coin,

I just created it, in the middle of the rush with the Christmas orders , its a gift for a very special little girl, her mum mentioned that she just lost her first tooth and I wanted to surprise her with something nice
I have used 100% calico cotton material and some pink elements to make it perfect for every girl's room

The little cushion is a good addition to my Tooth fairies Puppets collection
This is Violet

And this is Rose

Monday 2 December 2013

Our Personalised Christmas Stockings

It is beginning of December , Christmas is coming now

we count on advent calendars ,Our Christmas stockings could be great addition ,to your  Christmas decoration,  Make it Personalised

A pink bunny stocking for a little girl 

A white smiley cottage style  Snowman perfect for boys and girls 

And something for the grownups ,

 a lovely shabby chic stocking with Santa's key on

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Wednesday 13 November 2013

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Stall with puppets at Craft & Gift show in Brentwwod

This is a very busy show and I love to have my stall there .
this year on 2nd and 3 rd November was even busier than usual probably because my friend Emma dressed in Vintage from 20ties kept shouting HANDMADE PUPPETSSSS......WE have sets and individuals.....TODAY every 2 seconds ,was Fun and we were noticed, Thank you EMMA !!!

Best thing was that we had returning costumers and few lovely feedbacks from last years purchases and that made my day!!!!

Once again the best seller was The Croc

and I kept making crocodiles on site as I did not have time to make them earlier

We were very tired but happy at the end

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Baa, Baa Black sheep

Finally I made a sheep puppet!!!! since I started to create the "Nursery rhymes in a bag" Puppets
I wanted to have ba a ,baa Black sheep set. It is one of the very popular nursery rhymes and my son's favourite as well,
was in my list but I really straggled with the design development
and 2 days ago out of nowhere I just made the sheep YES!!!! 2 designs

and then I wander which of these 2 it s more like a BLACK SHEEP

black head or white head????

I am happy with both designs but most friends suggested the black head so she is going to be in the completed set

now I am making 3 bags full

and the result is a lovely bright green mat with 1,2,3 bags FULL and a pond full of frogs (they weren't in the song ) but I loved the fabric

the set is ready and going to be listed in very soon

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Monday 7 October 2013

Very Friendly Monster -Puppet with rods

This Puppet will be the centre point of a new toddler group,
the brief for this custom order was very short:
Preferable colour combinations ??? - orange and green
So this is the agreed sketch:
and this is how it is turn up his name is BizziBop:

I love to make Custom orders, actually this is what I want to do,
But it is so difficult to visualise an image that the customer already had in their mind ,so I am very happy that my customer loves the result and hope it will work well

Saturday 5 October 2013

Baby's First Christmas Stocking -How to make a great keepsake

Baby's First Christmas is so special !
To make it even more personal handcraft your own Baby's First Christmas stocking and hang it out in baby's room

I have created these patterns for baby boy and baby girl they are 2 designs in one booklet :,babys-first-christmas-stocking-sewing-pattern

The colours can be mix & match so the sleeping Bunny could be blue for a boy and the Snowman with pink instead of blue will make it perfect for a girl

for more Christmas Felt sewing ideas, please  have a look at my ETSY shop  or at

Thursday 26 September 2013

How to make FELT Christmas Decoration

My new booklet -Sewing pattern is printed and ready for selling

Christmas is the best time to get creative

Making our own Christmas decoration make the festive season even more special! These 3 little ornaments are an easy project even for complete beginner ,I created the snowman using sewing machine but all stitches could be made by hand as well

the patterns are available at as a booklet

and in my ETSY shop as instant download 

Check out  for Lots more easy to make christmas patterns in my ETSY patterns section

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