Sunday, 14 February 2021

GOLF CAT -custom made golf headcover

My latest GOLF CAT headcover is a portrait of a Blue flame point cat with amazing blue eyes 

    Cat portrait made into a Golf headcover is a great GIFT idea for  CAT          loving GOLFERS


    ... Some of the  work in progress


 If you like to order a custom made headcover portrait of a cat just contact me via my Website or ETSY shop and send me good quality pictures of your CAT 

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Vulture GOLF head cover

NOVELTY GOLF HEADCOVER -Vulture - bird of prey 

Really enjoyed Creating this Bird of prey  GOLF HEADCOVER 

...working on the feet with talons ...

The Vulture Golf Headcover is one of my standard designs that are made to order - please check it out in my ETSY SHOP 

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Brindle Boxer -GOLF headcover -DOG portrait

I am starting the New 2021 making a Brindle BOXER portrait-GOLF headcover 

Creating the sketch for my customer to approve, is the first step of my working process 

Then it is time to source and select fabrics .

However for the Brindle Dogs is always challenging and a lot customization of the materials is involved

Once the sketch is approved the making can commence. 

I have stumbled a bit on the additional request for a tongue that hang out of the mouth. I have agreed to add  this feature only because  It is so characteristic for the adorable model.

Really enjoyed making this headcover 

The final product was approved immediately 

For one-of-kind GOLF Head Covers please contact me via my ETSY SHOP