Sunday 18 December 2016

Custom birds of prey -golf headcovers

My birds of prey -golf headcovers ; Falcon , Hawk and Vulture 

The customer wanted certain type birds to be made into headcovers and the brief was very clear - looking for a realistic version of a vulture , falcon and hawk

My vulture headcover has a furry body and bold head 

For me The vulture was much easier to make and to create the distinctive features of this great bird

When I did the research For the falcon and the hawk , I did found it difficult to distinct the both birds of prey properly ,even some of the sources that I looked at used both names for the same image of a  bird ,so I've decided to try and resemble a Peregrine Falcon for my Falcon golf headcover and then a Red hawk for my version of a Hawk golf headcover. 

I went for, different colour schemes for these birds of quite similar features 

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