Friday 27 June 2014

Little Red Riding Hood - Puppet Story bag ,Great for storytelling , Teaching resource

It took a while to make this set "Little Red Riding Hood -Story bag Set of 5 pieces" ordered from our local primary school as Teaching resource

Well, the WOLF was a bit too hard,for me to make but once done the rest of the characters were very easy the combination of hand and finger puppets make the set very functional

Great for storytelling ,Perfect Teacher's resource

Set contains:
1 Little red riding hood - FELT finger puppet- 8cm (3.5")
1 Granny - FELT finger puppet - 10 cm (4")
1 Wood cutter - FELT finger puppet - 10 cm(4")
1 WOLF - Hand puppet-mouth operated- 22cm (9")
1 Bag - to keep all puppets tidy - 22 cm (9")

Please note : FOR age 3 +
NOT suitable for under 36 monts old

Monday 9 June 2014

Five Little monkeys teasing Mr Croc - my new sewing pattern

File little monkeys teasing Mr Crocodile is one of my very favorite songs.
Year ago a friend asked me to make a set using my existing Crocodile puppet and just to make some finger puppets Monkeys to fit in crocodile mouth.The set was for a gift posted to Australia .Since then a made more of these as it appear to be one of my bestsellers.

I just finishing making a pattern of The Five Little monkeys teasing Mr Croc and listed in my new Craftsy Pattern shop
The felt and hand stitching used for this sewing pattern makes it suitable for beginners

I really hope that more people can enjoy puppet making with this easy to follow step by step instructions and pattern templates

I am offering 2 designs for The monkeys - simple version and detailed version and options to make them as different as possible using more colours or variety of features

The pattern is listed for instant download in my Etsy shop as well