Tuesday 22 October 2013

Baa, Baa Black sheep

Finally I made a sheep puppet!!!! since I started to create the "Nursery rhymes in a bag" Puppets
I wanted to have ba a ,baa Black sheep set. It is one of the very popular nursery rhymes and my son's favourite as well,
was in my list but I really straggled with the design development
and 2 days ago out of nowhere I just made the sheep YES!!!! 2 designs

and then I wander which of these 2 it s more like a BLACK SHEEP

black head or white head????

I am happy with both designs but most friends suggested the black head so she is going to be in the completed set

now I am making 3 bags full

and the result is a lovely bright green mat with 1,2,3 bags FULL and a pond full of frogs (they weren't in the song ) but I loved the fabric

the set is ready and going to be listed in www.puppetsinabag.co.uk very soon

Thank you for visiting my blog


Monday 7 October 2013

Very Friendly Monster -Puppet with rods

This Puppet will be the centre point of a new toddler group,
the brief for this custom order was very short:
Preferable colour combinations ??? - orange and green
So this is the agreed sketch:
and this is how it is turn up his name is BizziBop:

I love to make Custom orders, actually this is what I want to do,
But it is so difficult to visualise an image that the customer already had in their mind ,so I am very happy that my customer loves the result and hope it will work well

Saturday 5 October 2013

Baby's First Christmas Stocking -How to make a great keepsake

Baby's First Christmas is so special !
To make it even more personal handcraft your own Baby's First Christmas stocking and hang it out in baby's room

I have created these patterns for baby boy and baby girl they are 2 designs in one booklet :

The colours can be mix & match so the sleeping Bunny could be blue for a boy and the Snowman with pink instead of blue will make it perfect for a girl

for more Christmas Felt sewing ideas, please  have a look at my ETSY shop  or at www.puppetsinabag.co.uk