Saturday 26 September 2015

Mad Hatter - Custom made golf headcover

Just finished few versions of Mad Hatter -

Custom made golf headcover ,

it was a very interesting project for me and I've enjoyed the designing and making  

The customer requirements were very clear :

The image should be inspired by the original illustrations of the character of Mad Hatter from "Alice in wonderland " not the orange haired Johnny Depp version

The first headcover was approved and my customer send me a picture of the golf club cover "Mad Hatter" in his golf bag

  I was very happy to continue with with the rest of the commission 
I have made  same hats and bows for the all 3 headcovers to correspond with the initial idea

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Tuesday 15 September 2015

Golf-cat headcover

                                         My first Cat -portrait golf club cover 

              For the base of the  body I've selected polyester plush -jersey in light beige colour 

         And then kept painting on the jersey to reach the depth of the shades 

My Cat just needs some finishing touches

I,ve tried to make the eyeballs with more volume as in my Golf dog portraits  but then had lost the cat's eye shape and resorted to a flat eye

I hope my lovely customer to be happy with the final result 

Lots more Fun golf club covers are available in my website and my ETSY shop