Sunday 18 December 2016

Custom birds of prey -golf headcovers

My birds of prey -golf headcovers ; Falcon , Hawk and Vulture 

The customer wanted certain type birds to be made into headcovers and the brief was very clear - looking for a realistic version of a vulture , falcon and hawk

My vulture headcover has a furry body and bold head 

For me The vulture was much easier to make and to create the distinctive features of this great bird

When I did the research For the falcon and the hawk , I did found it difficult to distinct the both birds of prey properly ,even some of the sources that I looked at used both names for the same image of a  bird ,so I've decided to try and resemble a Peregrine Falcon for my Falcon golf headcover and then a Red hawk for my version of a Hawk golf headcover. 

I went for, different colour schemes for these birds of quite similar features 

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Saturday 12 November 2016

Cavapoo-Custom made Golf headcover

In Love with a Cavapoo !!!!!

These dogs are so beautiful and furry I had great time making this Cavapoo Portrait golf club cover , the perfect gift for Dog loving golfers 

It s a custom made golf club headcover for a driver 

To achieve the scruffy texture of the hair I've  boiled the craft fur for more than an hour and the result was quite natural looking texture  

The only correction that customer wanted me to make , was to reduce the size of the nose .

 I know , I tend to make all dog's noses  bigger than the realistic size 

If you like to commission a Pet portrait Gold headcover:
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Saturday 29 October 2016

Rottweiler portrait -Custom Golf headcover

Rottweiler portrait -Custom Golf headcover.  

This is my second Rottweiler portrait golf headcover .

My model was so regal and his eyes were amazing - eyes of a loving friend , much different from what we usually expect from this breed ,as nowadays  Rottweilers do suffer from bad press 

My lovely customer provided me with these fab pictures of my creation , the Custom made head cover immediately taking place in his Golf bag 

I did enjoyed working on this challenging commission and I loved the final result as well as my customer .

I was lucky to find the perfect fabric that looks great for dogs like this , a very short pile cuddle-soft plush/minky a bit temperamental to work with but really nice and natural looking result 

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Friday 14 October 2016

Golf dog - Schnauzer portrait headcover

    My first Schnauzer portrait golf headcover 

                                                ...adding some finishing touches 

I love Schnauzers but till very recent did not have opportunity to portray one , and my model is gorgeous  white / grey ...

to resemble the combination of short and long fur was a bit of a challenge 

Loved the final result and my customer approved it immediately 

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Sunday 2 October 2016

Cat -portrait Custom golf headcover

Lovely orange and black Cat , I loved working on this Pet portrait golf headcover for an oversized driver 

It is  a birthday gift  ordered by  a lovely customer for her husband , she found me via my ETSY shop that seems to be more popular among my American customers 


I have dyed the main material with orange, thanks to  iDye-Polly  and loved the result 

I love making Cat portraits headcovers , they are not one of my       regular commissions , very rarely i got Cat  orders but  then I do enjoy the whole process from the initial sketch to the finishing touches 

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Saturday 17 September 2016

Custom golf heacover portrait of Samoyed

 My first portrait of a Samoyed - Custom made headcover,  Had this  amazing dog as a model 

"The Model and The headcover "this picture was send by my lovely customer 

If you are Dog -loving golfer check out my custom made golf headcovers  portraits   of Dogs and other pets

I must admit that my first attempt was not very successful and my Samoyed looked more like a Pomeranian , but show white . With some corrections here and there the final outcome was rather nice 

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Friday 10 June 2016

GOLF LIfe TV - product review on our golf head cover

GOLF LIfe TV - product review of our  golf head cover
They created this lovely video that fully represents how all works 

Custom Head Covers For Golf

To see the whole review please check out this link GOLF LIFE TV 

A big thank you to the whole team at Golf Life TV for this fun video product review 

Thursday 7 April 2016

A perfect customised gift for the golfer in your life

          A  perfect customized gift for the golfer in your life  - Caricature portrait golf headcover  - Brings extra fun to the game , It is an instant conversation starter at the golf course 

Its very easy to order You sending your pictures and I will  make a Portrait /Caricature golf head cover .

         Every order starts with a sketch for the customer to approve , 
        when the Golf head cover is completed i will send pictures,
        for comments and final approval  

For more fun Golf GIFT IDEAS

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Sunday 21 February 2016

Maltese Yorkie mix -golf club headcover

Making the 2 beautiful Maltese Yorkie mix dogs into Portrait golf club headcovers was a privilege . The models were , so so cute and I was not sure if I am going to be able to resemble this cuteness in my final product 

The Maltese Yorkie mix,  is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese and their  fur could be in various different shades . My first model was with more tan colours and the other one with more silvery hues.

 I worked with camel frost Craft fur for both and tried to achieve their specific fur shades with adding some colour where needed 

 I was very happy ,when the customer approved the final version of the 

 2 Portrait golf club headcovers 

The option for Portrait golf cub cover of  Maltese Yorkie mix dogs- is just listed in my ETSY SHOP and  

 I would love to make any other Dog breed into portrait golf headcover 

Thursday 11 February 2016

French Bulldog - Custom portrait GOLF headcover

French Bulldog - Custom portrait GOLF headcover ,one of my most viewed products on ETSY 

This attractive  headcover was a challenging commission .

Fabrics in that specific fawn colour and suitable texture were not available ,so I used iDYE Poly to achieve the colour and  the result was very good

French bulldogs are such a fascinating creatures , can not wait to try and make a Brindle version  

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Tuesday 2 February 2016

Poodle -Custom Golf headcover

                                 A Big Grey Poodle - Custom made Golf club cover

Perfect gift for a Dog loving GOLFERS 

It was a pleasure to make this monochrome headcover .

 I had this fabulous fabric for ages  -Its  Grey " poodle ears " like Fur ,

that waited for the right DOG  model as the fabric was available in Grey only,

 so I needed commission of Grey Poodle ...

I have used few different shades of Grey , not fifty though 

Really love to work  with my new "Copic" markers on the finishing touches 

This is the finished golf club cover 

Ready to be listed in my  ETSY SHOP  and in

Thank you for visiting my blog I love recording the working process and share the new models 

Sunday 24 January 2016

Dress up your golf clubs in Fun - Caricature golf headcover - full body

Dress up your  golf clubs in Fun ...

Making this Caricature Portrait golf headcover - full body was a lovely task 

 When I've  received this picture from the customer with my creation in his golf bag , well really made my day  

and customer's review of my creation was great :

  • 5 out of 5 stars
    This item came out to be way better than expected in both looks and quality. Communication with the artist was clear and fast. I strongly recommend getting one of these for yourself. 

I love making caricature - Portrait figures - Golf headcovers . The additional accessories or some elements in the clothing  give  me much more opportunities to resemble  the personality and character of the model than when i make just a Portrait headcover 

Thank you for visiting my blog


Easter egg hunt ideas- FELT Patterns

Easter egg hunt ideas- My collection of Easy FELT Patterns.

Easter egg hunts are lovely way to celebrate Easter Sunday and great fun for children of all ages. You don't need to spend a fortune , make your own baskets and table top decorations 

Easter Bunny & Sheep Baskets 
Technique - Sewing
This adorable bunny and sheep baskets are perfect for Easter. Make these baskets for a memorable egg hunt this season! All the stitching is done by hand -- you will only need felt and some sewing threads. The pattern includes full instructions and full-size templates.

Size: 7"W x 7"H x 2"D.

Skill Level: Beginner
Download Size: 5 page(s)

Instant Download available in my ETSY SHOP

If you like printed out Pattern booklets check out for this pattern 

Technique - Sewing
The Easter Bunny and chick egg holders are great table decorations or egg hunt baskets. They're the perfect gift for a little boy or girl for Easter. It's a super quick-to-stitch pattern that can be completed in just hours.

Size: 2"W x 4"H x 2"D.

Skill Level: Beginner
Download Size: 5 page(s)
INSTANT download is available in my ETSY SHOP

If you like printed out Pattern booklets check out for this pattern

Technique - Sewing
Make your own Easter baskets for the little ones this year! They make for great table decorations as well as for fun egg hunts. Basic sewing skills and hand stitching required.

Size: 6"W x 7"H x 2"D.

Skill Level: Beginner to Easy
Download Size: 5 page(s)

Instant Download is available in PUPPETSINABAG ETSY SHOP
If you like printed out Pattern booklets check out for this pattern

                                      Enjoy making 

                                   Happy EASTER !!!

Monday 18 January 2016

Boxer - custom made golf club cover

                   Custom Dog golf club cover -BOXER 

The custom made Dog golf club covers are perfect gift for DOG -Loving Golfers 

Recently I have made few Boxers- golf club covers ,

all of the commissions were Christmas gifts for golfers 

The first Boxer -portrait golf club cover that I've made was for a Driver , part of a big project of 4 dog portraits for a very special occasion 

Loved the whole proses, from sourcing the materials to the finishing touches.

Another order for a girl Boxer Dog  golf club cover came soon after my first attempt 

This white Boxer was  a real  joy to make into golf club headcover ,

it is easy to be inspired by such a beautiful creature 

For custom orders and portrait Golf club covers visit my website or My ETSY shop 

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Pineapple -golf club cover

                             Pineapple - custom made golf club headcover 

The pineapple golf club cover was a very interesting commission as I never made a fruit golf club cover before.

It was a refreshing change to work on something different than my regular Dogs and People portrait golf covers 

It took few experiments with different fabrics and textures to achieve realistic look of a pineapple

This is the final version that my customer approved but I really enjoyed the whole process of finding the right way to make the leaves , in the beginning I had selected different fabric with a colour that did not work well, so I have tried felt  


This is my lovely and yummy Live model that was eaten soon after the first few sketches were done

If you like something custom made just for you  or you have an  unusual idea for a golf club cover, I would love to assist via my ETSY shop or