Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Pineapple -golf club cover

                             Pineapple - custom made golf club headcover 

The pineapple golf club cover was a very interesting commission as I never made a fruit golf club cover before.

It was a refreshing change to work on something different than my regular Dogs and People portrait golf covers 

It took few experiments with different fabrics and textures to achieve realistic look of a pineapple

This is the final version that my customer approved but I really enjoyed the whole process of finding the right way to make the leaves , in the beginning I had selected different fabric with a colour that did not work well, so I have tried felt  


This is my lovely and yummy Live model that was eaten soon after the first few sketches were done

If you like something custom made just for you  or you have an  unusual idea for a golf club cover, I would love to assist via my ETSY shop or  www.puppetsinabag.co.uk

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