Monday 9 February 2015

FREE pattern -Mother's day Gift IDEA

Free Pattern -Make your own Mother's day GIFT
SKILL LEVEL -BASIC sewing skils and hand stitching


Suitable for Crafty adults and supervised children 9+

You will need:

-FELT in Pink -1 x A4 1mm thick
-FELT in Cream - 10 cm x 10 cm for the letters
-Thread (embroidery and machine )in Pink and Purple
-Toy stuffing
-Buttons and beads (various)
-Dried lavender (to make it scented) - this is optional
-Little piece of muslin to make a sashet(bag) for the dried lavenred
-Pair of scissors

TEMPLATE : Please follow the link to my Craftsy shop to print out
the FREE template and follow the instructions :

2 options ; MUM or MOM (with little heart to make the letter O )

Step 1 :
Using the template:
Cut out 2 x BIG heart shapes in pink felt
Cut out 2 x Letters M shapes in cream felt and 1 Letter U or 1 Little heart shape

Step 2 :
Take one of the heart shapes.
Using pink thread and running stitch make a heart shape as shown on the template
start at the dip of the heart leaving 12 cm of the thread free and further 12 cm free when you finish , to tie a bow

Step 3 :
Letters -lay the letters in plase slightly overlaping each other , sew them on using diffrent theads and stitches (running stitch , blanket stitch , whip stitch

Step 4 :
Embelish around the letters MUM or MOM with beads and buttons

Ster 5 :
Pin the both heart shapes together and using blanket stitch and pink thread sew around the heart , leave an oppening of 3-4 cm for stuffing

Step 5 :
Lightly stuff the heart ,if you like the heart scented put a lavender sachet in the opening

Step 6 :

Make a little hanger from pink embroidered thread, place it in the dip of the heart and stich the opening close.

And there you have it a lovely Felt Heart the perfect Mother's day gift

PLEASE NOTE :the pattern is for Personal use only

If you don't have these materials on hand ,

In my ETSY shop you can find "Sewing kit -Make your own Mother's day FELT heart " with all pre-cut felt pieces , dried lavender sachet , threads , beads and buttons

Enjoy making !!!!!!

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Sunday 8 February 2015

Pinocchio - puppet story bag

"Pinocchio" actualy "The Adventures of Pinocchio" is a popular story of old times by Carlo Collodi
I still remember my " Pinocchio " book with the most beautiful pictures, from my childhood.
I have been asked to create a Puppet set for a local school ,they requested as many characters from the story as posible but on a reasonable price
The teacher that made the order said :
"Pinocchio" is a complex story , especially for "Year 1" kids , we would love to introduced it with some puppets.

Design:It took me, a bit of a time to came up with the design as all those so popular and well-known characters ,actually proved to be difficult.
Materials :I have chosen Felt for all of the puppets and Calicco cotton for the bag
Colour scheme ; Pastel colour scheme to sugjest some vintage style and to take us to an old times

The set is listed in my website,pinocchio-puppet-story-bag

Pinochio is a hand puppet made entirely from felt and is 60 cm tall -this is my firs felt hand puppet I usualy make finger puppets only from felt

He is also available as an individual hand puppet

the rest of the characters in the set are 5 Finger puppets:

-the Turquise Fairy ,Geppetto ,Mr Cricket , Cat and Fox (2 in 1)and the "baddy" Stromboli

I am offering the 5 finger puppets on a set
and Pinocchio only as well

The set contains 7 pieces - Pinocchio hand puppet , 5 finger puppet and a calico cotton bag
Hope The Children will enjoy reading and acting out the story with my puppet story bag

Monday 2 February 2015

Easter crafts - DIY bunny and sheep baskets

DIY your own Easter bunny and sheep baskets with this easy to follow Sewing pattern

These little baskets are perfect for an EGG HUNT PARTY or as Table top decoration

They are so cute and easy to make

A lovely project for crafty adults and supervised children 9 +

Just basic sewing skills and hand stitching is required

Happy Easter Making !!!

Lots more Fun and Easy to make patterns available at and my ETSY SHOP