Sunday, 8 February 2015

Pinocchio - puppet story bag

"Pinocchio" actualy "The Adventures of Pinocchio" is a popular story of old times by Carlo Collodi
I still remember my " Pinocchio " book with the most beautiful pictures, from my childhood.
I have been asked to create a Puppet set for a local school ,they requested as many characters from the story as posible but on a reasonable price
The teacher that made the order said :
"Pinocchio" is a complex story , especially for "Year 1" kids , we would love to introduced it with some puppets.

Design:It took me, a bit of a time to came up with the design as all those so popular and well-known characters ,actually proved to be difficult.
Materials :I have chosen Felt for all of the puppets and Calicco cotton for the bag
Colour scheme ; Pastel colour scheme to sugjest some vintage style and to take us to an old times

The set is listed in my website,pinocchio-puppet-story-bag

Pinochio is a hand puppet made entirely from felt and is 60 cm tall -this is my firs felt hand puppet I usualy make finger puppets only from felt

He is also available as an individual hand puppet

the rest of the characters in the set are 5 Finger puppets:

-the Turquise Fairy ,Geppetto ,Mr Cricket , Cat and Fox (2 in 1)and the "baddy" Stromboli

I am offering the 5 finger puppets on a set
and Pinocchio only as well

The set contains 7 pieces - Pinocchio hand puppet , 5 finger puppet and a calico cotton bag
Hope The Children will enjoy reading and acting out the story with my puppet story bag

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