Monday, 9 February 2015

FREE pattern -Mother's day Gift IDEA

Free Pattern -Make your own Mother's day GIFT
SKILL LEVEL -BASIC sewing skils and hand stitching


Suitable for Crafty adults and supervised children 9+

You will need:

-FELT in Pink -1 x A4 1mm thick
-FELT in Cream - 10 cm x 10 cm for the letters
-Thread (embroidery and machine )in Pink and Purple
-Toy stuffing
-Buttons and beads (various)
-Dried lavender (to make it scented) - this is optional
-Little piece of muslin to make a sashet(bag) for the dried lavenred
-Pair of scissors

TEMPLATE : Please follow the link to my Craftsy shop to print out
the FREE template and follow the instructions :

2 options ; MUM or MOM (with little heart to make the letter O )

Step 1 :
Using the template:
Cut out 2 x BIG heart shapes in pink felt
Cut out 2 x Letters M shapes in cream felt and 1 Letter U or 1 Little heart shape

Step 2 :
Take one of the heart shapes.
Using pink thread and running stitch make a heart shape as shown on the template
start at the dip of the heart leaving 12 cm of the thread free and further 12 cm free when you finish , to tie a bow

Step 3 :
Letters -lay the letters in plase slightly overlaping each other , sew them on using diffrent theads and stitches (running stitch , blanket stitch , whip stitch

Step 4 :
Embelish around the letters MUM or MOM with beads and buttons

Ster 5 :
Pin the both heart shapes together and using blanket stitch and pink thread sew around the heart , leave an oppening of 3-4 cm for stuffing

Step 5 :
Lightly stuff the heart ,if you like the heart scented put a lavender sachet in the opening

Step 6 :

Make a little hanger from pink embroidered thread, place it in the dip of the heart and stich the opening close.

And there you have it a lovely Felt Heart the perfect Mother's day gift

PLEASE NOTE :the pattern is for Personal use only

If you don't have these materials on hand ,

In my ETSY shop you can find "Sewing kit -Make your own Mother's day FELT heart " with all pre-cut felt pieces , dried lavender sachet , threads , beads and buttons

Enjoy making !!!!!!

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  1. This so cute looks' easy to do I like simple thing'sfirst I have seen blog It's nice you do great job Keep up good job !!!!