Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Santa ,Robin and penguin Christmas ornaments

Santa and Robin and Penguin are the characters that came first when I thinking of what represents Christmas best for me

that is why I've designed these 3 Christmas ornaments and developed them into an easy to follow sewing pattern
Felt is the best when it comes to handmade Christmas ornaments!!!!
For all of the 3 ornaments i have used 1 template for the body shape , so it is like 3 -in- 1 and the rest of the elements support each character
it is fun and easy to make

as Christmas is all about little treats all of the 3 ornamets have a little pocket where some chocolate or real coin could be placed :)

and then make it personal on all of the pockets a name or an initial could be hand embroidered

Enjoy making your own Christmas Decor

perfect for wall hanging or if you think of making some fancy advent calendar those could be a perfect addition

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