Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Nursery Rhymes SETS great Teaching resources

When I started to create the Nursery rhymes sets the main idea was:

“Play and learn”-teaching resources

Everything was inspired by my little son, I wanted to create nursery rhymes characters to stimulate the imagination of a little one and to encourage the story telling

all set are listed in and in Puppets in a bag's ETSY shop

Hickory , dickory dock te mouse run up the clock one of my favorite

This nursery rhymes bag contains 5 character that can help to act out at least 4 nursery rhymes
BAA BAA Black Sheep
Twinkle Little star
Row Row your boat
Old MacDonald
The nursery rhymes collection now contains 8 sets altogether and I am working to develop new designs to add to this collection
So we have.......

Incy wincy spider set

Old MacDonald farm set

Twinkle little star puppet set

5 Little ducks puppet set

5 little monkeys 

Baa Baa black sheep

All Nursery Rhymes Characters are cute and quirky puppets made with love and attention from high quality cottons and jersey

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