Friday, 18 July 2014

DIY Lobster and Crab Marionettes ,Sea creatures

DIY Lobster and Crab Marionette -Puppet on strings

HOW to make your own Sea Creatures Marionettes -Puppet on string
This is my latest PDF Pattern

The Marionettes offer endless possibilities for entertaining and most important they DO TAP DANCE

This is a simple and Fun project ;for the bodies only hand sewing and basic skills are needed

TO MAKE the Control bars -it is a bit more challenging as a Stanley knife and a Saw blade are required so please Take EXTRA care

the pattern is listed in my ETSY shop
35cm (15 ") across

The FILE contains:
· Pattern in actual size (no need to enlarge )
· List of tools and materials
· Step–by-step Instructions
· Pictures
Lots more FUN and EASY to make Sewing patterns for instant download at my Etsy shop
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Thank you !!!!!!!

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