Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fun with Shaun in the CITY trial

To walk around London's most popular places is so great and "Shaun in the CITY" trials add just an extra fun.

During Easter holidays I had lovely time looking for all these LOST FAB sheep
The first spot was Tower hill
"Yeoman of Baarat"
This one is "Globe spotter" on Tower Bridge
this is "Lenny" one of my favorite , we found few around the City Hall
" Mittens "

Next - the Shard, Well we walked and walked around The Shard and could not found it , it is inside
" Rainbow"
This one is my very favorite !!!!!
"Sheep shape & bristol fashion "
" OUT of this World "
"Literary Lamb "
" Hamish "
"A Capital View"
my family and I had great fun wandering around with maps and spotting the lovely sheep
I hope to find the rest of the 50 lost sheep another day maybe when we have a bit of sun

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