Friday, 7 November 2014

Pro puppet - for a parent and toddler group Adventure Ben

Adventure Ben Pro puppet - was a challenge!!!!

The customer needed a puppet for their new business - parent and toddler group.
They had an image of Adventure Ben and the brief was very clear - we would like a puppet that is a very close resemblance.
Well it is a difficult task to work from someone else's designs .Then to be even more complicated they already had one Ben made by other puppet maker that they did not liked... so no pressure at all !!!!!

For the puppet style : I suggested non mouth operated puppet and I was very happy that the customer agreed.
So the puppet actually could be controled as a hand puppet

So to make shoes and hoodie as on the picture of the character was my second task in terms of creating such a resemblance

I was so happy that the customer liked the finished puppet Ben , they just had some opinion on his wild hair but this was easily resolved with some styling
like on the picture bellow .
I thought that a wild hair style will support the main concept of an adventures boy but with his hair combed he looks cute
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